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Focusing on some hot gadgets

We always get new electronic gadgets every season, and while these items have yet to hit stores in the Uk, we can always get a preview of these gadgets.  Let's see some of the hottest electronic gadgets to hit stores this season.

Flash drives have become an essential tool for every computer user since they are capable of storing large data, while becoming cheaper by the day. What's more flash drives have become fashion items too since they are currently available in various designs and colors.

Another new gadget for computer users is the portable colour scanner.  It boasts of good resolution and memory to store thousands of scanned text, graphics, and photos which is just good enough for every office worker on the go.

Then there's the Apple I-Pod and other portable music players which are capable of storing music and other kids of media files.  These music players are stylish and very handy.  There's also the MacBook Air which is so slim that it can fit inside an envelope.

You can't talk about gadgets without mentioning PDAs and cell phones.  One of the hottest items these days is the iPhone , which is that hot it is spawning fake versions everywhere.

Hands-free cell phones are also making their mark such as the Jabra which has an attractive Bluetooth set.  Then there's the BT3030 which looks like a dog tag.  On the other hand, Tonino Lamborghini has created a lightweight Bluetooth headset with the popular bull logo.  Another pocket sized gadget that is making waves is the Blackberry Pearl which comes with a camera, WIFI support, and Bluetooth, among other features.

There is also an Internet radio and clock from Sagem which features thousands of radio stations from the Internet, while having a host of functions like alarm clock and remote control.

For those who are environment-conscious, try using a solar powered clock from Quanty.  It will run for 12 months on its solar powered battery, while having a smoke detector.

Cyclists on the other hand will love the Pedalities, which is powered through cycling energy while making sure cyclists are visible even during nighttime.  It can also be on up to 5 minutes, even after pedaling has been stopped.

Of course gadgets are also associated with hand held video games and video game players like the Playstation and X-Box which are certified best sellers anywhere.