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Funny Gadgets

We all know the usual gadgets available in the market - cellphones, DVD player, portable video game consoles, television, portable music players, among others. But do you know that there are also unique gadgets? These unique gadgets are really peculiar, to some extent, weird, that they have grabbed the headlines in some parts of the world.  Let us take a look at some of these unique and sometimes funny gadgets available in various stores.

There's the DVD rewinder, which can spin discs backwards.  For good measure it also plays a rewind sound to make it more interesting.  This is recommended to those who hate rewinding their DVD manually

Driv-e-mocion is a unique product which you can attach to your vehicle's rear window.  You can program it to display various messages such as smiling face or words of encouragement.  Or if you feel like doing it, you can even curse the driver of the vehicle right behind you.

If you're too lazy to give your head a good bath, then try the "Head Bath" cap.  As its name suggests it give your head a good bath.  Just place it on your head and allow water run on it. It supposedly helps moisturize and keep the scalp healthy.

If you still want to listen to your iPod while doing your thing in the bathroom then try this toilet paper dispenser that comes with an iPod dock.  It can support all models of the  iPod.  It conceals the speakers with its arms, while navigational buttons are conveniently located on top.

There's also a bra that can be used as a shopping bag. Called the Kawaii bag, this unique Japanese invention converts into a shopping bag by taking out the bag parts from the bra and then connecting the hooks to the under wire.

A nap alarm meanwhile is a little device that can help you stay awake during critical times like an upcoming engagement or when driving.

Then there's the 360 degree camera which can provide you with the widest shot of any picture.  A USB-powered butt cooler meanwhile has made news because of its peculiarity.  It can be used as a seat cushion, while cooling your butt with an onboard fanThose who would like to organize their things can also count on a tie which has a built in wallet and organizer.  It can store passports and credit cards, among other items.