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A Rundown of the Latest Tech Gadgets

Do you want to have a rundown on the latest gadgets to hit the market? These gadgets are sure to whet the appetite of all gadget freaks, whether those interested in video games, audio and video systems, or computer stuff.

There's the Take TV Video Player by SanDisk Sansa.   It is a cool gadget that lets you download videos from the Internet and have these videos played on your TV.  It also has a remote control to allow you to play videos with just a few clicks.

Of course you can't say gadgets without mentioning the Apple iPod.  In fact one of the more advanced accessories for the iPod is a small device that you can insert in a shoe, allowing you to keep track of the time, distance, pace and more importantly the calories you have burned while doing your regular workouts.  This device also gives you real time feedback on your workout so you can improve on the exercise you are doing.

Then there's a USB device that lets you charge up your gadgets like cellphones and PDAs.  You just need to plug it to a standard lighter jack and you can have 4 UBS ports wherein you can charge your gadgets.  This is a very convenient and practical gadget for almost everyone.

Another hot gadget these days is the Sony PS3.  This is the latest version in the popular video game console.  The new feature of this console is its use of Blu-Ray.  Plus there are many hot video game titles to be made available to coincide the release of the PS3 in 2008.

These are just some of the latest gadget to come out this year.  However there are also gadgets, while not necessarily the latest, which can still appeal to many users.  One of these is the Swiss Army Knives, which is a world renowned tool since it can handle various knives.  Some versions can also hold USB flash drives, incorporating technology with functionality.

Those who like to work in the garden will find garden tools handy.  One can choose from a wide variety of snips, rakes, pruners, trowels, shovels, and glass spray bottles. 

Then there are kitchen tool set to assist those who like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing various specialties.  These kitchen tools range from ladles, spoons, and kitchen appliances that are essential items in any kitchen.